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Me, Mum, Nana, Great Grandma

Past, Present & Future Generations

If you would like to know more about either individual or group constellation work then I would be pleased to hear from you.   Either phone Janet on 07768 781573 or email

Janet recommends a combination of both group and individual work.


Special Announcenent

Bert Hellinger born 16 Dec 1925 died 19th Sept 2019 

Following my professional constellation training with Dr Albrecht Mahr I then went on to train with Bert in 2006 at his workshop in Washington. His book ‘No Waves without the Ocean’ had just been published and I had the honour of sitting next to him and talking to him whilst he personally signed it for me. On Saturday 21st September I travelled to Spain to my favourite holiday place with 12 miles of beach and ocean. I randomly decided to take as research for my own book ‘No Waves without the Ocean.’  Within an hour of arriving I received an email from the International Systemic Constellation Association to say Bert had died on the 19th. I reached for his book with his precious signature on and with the sound of the ocean waves pounding in my ears I chose this my favourite quote from the book to share with you. “Some think they are seeking their own soul’s truth. But the greater soul is thinking and seeking through them.”  Thank you Bert. Words can’t express your gifts to the world in understanding the interconnectedness of all life. Love Janet x   


Next Workshop Date:
Saturday 9 November 

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Venue:  Regents University, Inner Circle, London NW1

Time: 9.15 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.

Price: £155

Future Workshop Date 

  • Sat. 7 December 2019


London N.1
1st Session – 2 1/2 hours £195
Book by sending email: or phone: 07768 781573
Follow up sessions – 1 1/2 hours £100
See Individual Sessions for more details 

Janet C Love


Janet, after her training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Autogenic Therapy, has worked as a full time Family/Systemic Constellation Therapist running workshops and doing individual sessions since 2006.

Understanding the echoes of transgenerational trauma within the family lineage has enabled her clients to move on from the unconscious repetition of individual suffering to find immediate and long term healing. Not just for themselves but for other members of the family system.

Janet is author of ‘Psychosis in the Family’ which describes her journey of how and why she became a Constellation Therapist.  She is currently writing her second book on Transgenerational Healing – to be published in 2020.


Systemic Constellation Work Offers:

  1. Immediate and long-term healing for you and potentially for other members of your family.
  2. A way of revealing and healing the unconscious patterns of repetition of unresolved trauma in the family system.
  3. Direct Experience of working with the dynamics of group healing through collective fields of consciousness.

September 2019 Workshop Testimonials

“A really great and important aspect of the constellation experience is being part of a loving and supportive group, and feeling equally part of that group. I always gain new insights during the workshop of what it feels like to belong and relate in a loving way to others.”
 “The words can’t express my gratitude to your insightfulness into processing the given situations that have taken place at the workshop. Your skills are a light in the dark and your knowledge has no limit into making us all feel enlightened and empowered by leaving the heavy weight behind us.” Eve (volunteer at Care UK).
“Thank you for a very beneficial workshop.  I feel a weight lifted from me and I feel lighter. The workshop helped me reach into my inner core – the part I fear – and as a result  I feel calmer, more open and more integrated.” Michele – London.

Healing the Unhealed Stories of Our Ancestral Past

Healing means to make ‘whole.’  To make us whole we have to have healthy relationships not just with our current family but with previous generations including both the living and the dead.  It is not just about remembering the autobiographical details of those who went before us but what life events shaped their lives.  Personal traumas like premature deaths and collective traumas such as war or enforced migration leave energetic imprints on the family soul.  These legacies of unresolved grief and injustices are passed on through inherited belief systems.  These can then manifest as unconscious repetition of both physical and psychological problems until transformed into conscious awareness.
Just as traditional societies have always recognised, connecting to our ancestors stories and  their life experiences holds the key to our present day healing for both the past and future generations.
“The less we understand of what our ancestors experienced the less we understand ourselves.” 
Carl Jung, Memories Dreams & Reflections